Yet again it's been about a year since the last static update on this page.  I've cleaned out quite a bit of stuff from my website, but it was all from my old site (circa 1999) so I don't think people will mind.  I did leave up the SunDog page, and look, I'm even linking to it now!  The webcam page is still hiding in the back, but I don't have a webcam, so not much use linking to that (yet).

Just the fact that I am updating this means that my mind is back on web development.  I do have another domain, and I am going to try to make a page for my fledgling computer repair and consulting practice.  I'm not big time, but I'm trying to get that way after having a client tell me that my time is worth at least $100/hr to him, and he paid me accordingly.  Maybe there's something to these computer things after all!

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Latest news: I'm looking at migrating over to Windows Small Business Server 2003, as that can run my domain, and has Exchange 2003 built in.  I have it running on a test lab, but haven't had time recently to move to production, but stay tuned! [ It's Rational! ]

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